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Festa San Rocco Torrepaduli Bed in Lu Fanizza Cutrofiano

San Rocco Torrepaduli festival (Ruffano)



On the evening of 15 August, on the occasion of the celebrations of San Rocco, since time immemorial, tens of thousands of people flock to the small town of Salento to participate, as spectators or dancers, at the “sword dance” The “pinch-fencing”: to the hypnotic sound of tambourines, two men mimic a fencing duel using their hands, to the fast pace of the tambourines and dell’harmonica played by the musicians who arrange themselves in a circle (ronda).

A very heartfelt traditional festival with a high participation, not only of the population of Torrepaduli and Ruffano, but also of the many tourists who flock to the Salento coast every year.