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Summer holidays 2017, the destinations most sought after by the Italians


Summer vacation value report 2017 on TripAdvisor… Salento is still in first place ???? it is time to take back our place in Italy and in the world!

A big estate. In the eighties Giuni Russo perfectly photographed the trends of Italians for their holidays. More than thirty years later the most coveted destination remains the same, both for travel in Italy and abroad: the seaside one. But in the internet age, more and more holidaymakers rely on websites for planning and booking trips: very useful tools especially when, as well as putting order on prices and destinations, provide data on the most popular destinations, highlighting what the average prices for an overnight stay may be, the least expensive weeks and the savings that would result from a reservation in that given period. E’ the case of Summer vacation value report 2017 Of TripAdvisor, which reveals the top 10 national and international summer destinations chosen by Italians, based on hotel booking searches made on the portal since early spring.